Chip Repair Kit

The TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit uses the same coating and hardener materials contained in the TUBBY DIY Bathtub Resurfacing Kit. This kit will enable you to repair chips to your bathtub surface - saving you lots of money when compared to the costs of either resurfacing / refinishing / reglazing / re-enamelling the complete bathtub, or replacing the bathtub. One TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit contains enough material to repair multiple chips.

The TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit contains everything you need to repair chips on a bathtub surface. Toners are provided to blend in the colour to the existing colour of the bathtub surface.

The coating material can be used on porcelain, cast iron, fibreglass, cultured marble, pressed steel, ceramics and plastics. It can also be used on washbasins, tiles, toilet exteriors and bidets. In fact, any surface like a fridge, freezer or microwave can be repaired with the TUBBY DIY Chip Repair Kit.

  1. Cleaning solvent
  2. Coating bottle
  3. Hardener bottle
  4. Toner bottle
  5. Toner bottle
  6. Toner bottle
  7. Cleaning pad
  8. Absorbent paper
  9. Sanding patch
  10. Paint brush
  11. Toothpick
  12. Mixing spatula
  13. Instruction card (rear of packaging)
It's as easy as...

The colour swatches shown are meant to give an idea of the different colours available. The actual colours may vary slightly from these graphic illustrations.

With this kit one can make various shades of grey, almond, pink and white as it comes with black, yellow and red oxide toners.