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Why resurface/refinish a bathtub and not just replace it?

3 main factors – to save money, to retain value, to eliminate workmen

Resurfacing/refinishing a bathtub with the TUBBY DIY kit saves up to 80% of the cost of replacing a bathtub, when taking into account the cost of re-tiling, re-plumbing, re-flooring, labour etc. Even breaking 1 tile may mean re-tiling the whole bathroom, if a matching one can’t be found.

Having a quality cast iron enamel (and if you are lucky enough a Victorian style roll top) bathtub will add enormous value and attraction to your bathroom, whether you intend to enjoy it yourself or if you are selling your home. Resurfacing/refinishing will restore your bathtub to its original glory and leave a brilliant, smooth finish to make the bathtub the centre of attention in any bathroom.

Resurfacing/refinishing your bathtub with a TUBBY DIY kit only takes about 3 hours to complete and no special skills are required. There's no re-plumbing or re-tiling to worry about – no mess no fuss! You can start enjoying your newly resurfaced/refinished bathtub after only 48 hours. Compare that to having workmen in and out of your bathroom for about 2 weeks, never mind the mess they’ll create.


Can I resurface/refinish my whole suite or just my bathtub?

Yes, you can resurface/refinish your whole bathroom suite! The material is formulated to be applied to bathtubs, basins, toilet pedestals and even tiles. You can resurface/refinish your entire bathroom suite in the colour of your choice.

Can I go from colour to white or vice versa?

Yes, many people choose to resurface/refinish their old coloured bathtubs in a brilliant, clean and modern white finish. If your bathtub is white, and you want a change, TUBBY is available in different colours, so you can resurface/refinish your bathtub in the colour of your choice. Take a look at the colour charts to get a better idea of what's available.

How long will my newly resurfaced/refinished bathtub last?

Every bathtub is subjected to different conditions, so there is no definite answer. However, under well cared for conditions there is no reason a resurfaced bathtub cannot look good 10 years after resurfacing/refinishing. If one treats the bathtub the way you would treat the bodywork of your car, it will remain in excellent condition.

How do I know it’s time to resurface/refinish my bathtub?

Your bathtub needs to be resurfaced when the enamel coat has worn thin and you can feel pitting (series of very small holes) or roughness. In some cases you can actually see the cast iron or pressed steel base through the enamel coat. If the bathtub has lost its shine or you can see metal or dark areas in the surface then we highly recommend you opt for a full resurface/refinish. Inspect your bathtub up close to get a better idea of its condition.

How does TUBBY DIY bathtub resurfacing/refinishing work?

Mend-A-Bath International has developed a DIY roll-on enamel substitute to resurface/refinish the bathtub when the original enamel coat has worn away. The specially formulated material has been developed over more than 20 years to replicate the qualities of vitreous enamel - but is easier to apply. 

The whole process should take around 3 hours to complete and the bathtub will be ready for use after only 48 hours.


Isn’t the TUBBY DIY material the same as other off the shelf kits?

No! Mend-A-Bath International is the world’s leading bathtub resurfacing/refinishing franchise network. The resurfacing/refinishing products are produced at the Mend-A-Bath International manufacturing facility. Mend-A-Bath International has pioneered the Tubby DIY product from formulation stage to production stage. They are not a paint company, they are a bathtub resurfacing company.

I'm not sure if my bathtub just needs a good clean!

It is possible that your bathtub may just need a good clean! Every few months or so we recommend a good clean with an ammonium based cleaner with MILD abrasive properties eg VIM Cream cleaner together with a non -scratch abrasive pad e.g. 3M delicate cleaning pad. Apply the cleaner to the pad and scrub the bathtub surface. Wash with warm water. If there’s real dirt on the surface, this will remove it.

Over the years, many bathtubs become coated in dirt and limescale, even with regular cleaning. This can cause light roughness and discolouration. If this is the case and the surface is still in good condition, a good clean followed by a mechanical polish (electric polishing machine and car polish) may restore the smoothness and shine.

If this fails to improve the bathtub surface, it will need to be resurfaced/refinished with the TUBBY DIY kit.


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